ElementaryOS “Luna” Beta 1

Para los que estamos esperando la nueva version de este gran sistema operativo con mucha elegancia y funcionalidad, les dejo un video que muestra como es este sistema operativo. Obviamente está en fase Beta 1 o sea que faltarán unos meses para que salga la versión final pero podemos descargar esta Beta.

Les dejo algunas de las funcionalidades que tiene este sistema (están en ingles pero se entienden, si tengo mas tiempo las traduzco):

Pantheon shell

Pantheon, the “shell” used by default in elementary OS Luna beta 1 uses a brand newwindow manager called Gala, based on libmutter, which features smooth animations and very interesting workspace switcher and expose features which you’ve seen in video we’ve posted above.

elementary os luna beta 1
Workspace switcher

elementary os beta 1

For system settings, elementary OS Luna uses Switchboard, which comes with its own “plugs” – below you can see the desktop settings Switchboard plug:

elementary os luna system settings

elementary os switchboard

The top panel is called Wingpanel, and even though it doesn’t follow the same “wing” design like in the first versions, it’s nevertheless a nice addition to Luna, especially thanks to the beautiful design used by the indicators:


For the menu / application launcher, Pantheon uses Slingshot, which follows the same design as the indicators and comes with two modes: one that displays large, uncategorised icons which will remind you of Unity and another one which displays the applications in categories:


At the bottom of the screen you’ll notice a dock – it’s called Plank and follows the “stupidly simple” elementary OS philosophy so there just a few configuration options (available in Switchboard). Plank supports some of Unity’s features like badges, progress indicators or quicklists:

Pantheon Plank

And finally, for the login screen, elementary OS Luna uses LightDM, with its own greeter (theme) and a really cool effect which again, you can see in our video above. Here’s the login screen:

elementary os luna login screen

Default applications

elementary OS Luna beta 1 continues to use Midori as the default web browser, Shotwell for managing photos, Empathy IM client, Totem for playing videos as well as Ubuntu Software Center.

For the default file manager, elementary OS Luna beta 1 uses Pantheon Files, aMarlin fork which not only looks great, but it already has most features you’ll need in a file manager. There are even plugins for Ubuntu One or Dropbox available, though they aren’t installed by default:

Pantheon files

Geary, a new email client written in Vala, developed by Yorba (the team behind Shotwell) and the elementary team, has been added by default in eOS Luna, replacing Postler. The application integrates with the desktop: you’ll get new mail notifications, attachment handling and so on, but its feature list is not that great yet. Hopefully, the application will receive enough attention until the final release, because is has the potential of becoming one of the best Linux email clients.


Noise, a Beatbox fork (the two players might merge though), is the default music playerand offers multiple views, equalizer, iPod sync, Internet radio support, Last.fm integration and other features you’ll need in a music player:

Noise music player

Other new default applications include: Scratch (text editor) and Pantheon Terminal, Maya (calendar):

elementary os luna maya
Maya – calendar app

Pantheon terminal
Pantheon Terminal

Scratch text editor
Scratch – text editor

This is obvious, but it deserves to be mentioned anyway: elementary GTK and elementary icon theme, designed by Daniel Fore, are of course used by default. Also, there’s no way to change these in Switchboard, but you can use the same tools that are available for Ubuntu if you want to do this.

Since it’s based on top of Ubuntu 12.04, Luna uses the Linux kernel 3.2.0-32, Xorg 1.11.4 and GTK 3.4.
Aca el video que muestra al sistema en acción:
Dejennos sus comentarios de los que les parece esta nueva version. Nos vemos!!!

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